The Angel City Chorale is a non-profit community choir which is based in Los Angeles. It is also known for some highly riveting performances which make good utilization of their 160+ members.

They do not just limit their music-making to only singing, snapping of their fingers, and clapping.  Even jumping is all part of their game when they are creating those perfect sounds.

This is what exactly makes this cover of Toto’s “Africa” so very amazing. Even in the event that the song title may sound unfamiliar, you will likely recognize their beat once it starts going. In February 1983, it was known as America’s number one hit song.

In the years since then, it has certainly continued to enjoy some radio playtime on many popular classic rock stations. Maybe it is the heartfelt lyrics enduring a continent full of wonder or the beat of the drums or even the explosive chorus, but no matter what, “Africa” always keeps us returning for more.


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